Your trusted compounding partner in the US for electrically conductive plastics.

We are experts in polymer compounding, especially in carbon black based plastic material solutions. We serve many industries and application areas. Our modern facilities in the Charlotte region, North Carolina will offer a wide range of polymer compounds as of 2025.

Operating globally and locally with manufacturing plants on two continents

The vast majority of the specialty compounds of Premix are exported from Finland to customers in over 40 countries and are used in numerous different applications, for a variety of industries. Premix Oy’s headquarters and modern manufacturing facilities are located in Rajamäki, Finland.

Our new plant is being built at Apple Creek Corporate Center in the Charlotte region, North Carolina, It will nearly double our production capacity and offer our customers better global supply. The state-of-the-art plant will encapsulate our experience dating back more than four decades in developing and manufacturing electrically conductive plastics and is designed to cater to the most demanding material needs. The new plant will manufacture electrically conductive and static dissipative plastic compounds by using carbon additives based plastic compounds. Our customers will benefit from our future ability to deliver high-quality materials from two different continents as well as a more resilient supply chain.

Premix Inc., Gastonia, North Carolina​
Plastic compound manufacturing plant, under construction, opening in 2025

Discover our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in the US in just one minute! This facility marks a significant milestone in our journey, built on 40 years of expertise in compounding electrically conductive plastics.

Benefits for our US customers

  • Flexible and reliable deliveries – manufactured in the US or in Finland and warehoused in the US.
  • Truly local –raw materials sourced from the US and compounds manufactured in the US
  • Risk mitigation with factories on two continents
  • Compounding services – including custom and toll compounding
  • Warehousing services – shorter delivery times for compounds manufactured in Finland or the US.
  • Co-creation and lab services supported by Premix global services
  • Critical role in improving local supplies of critical materials  –Pipette tip materials for diagnostics have been secured in cooperation with and funded by the US government

Premix history in the US

The Apple Creek project kicked off in May 2022. We opened a temporary office in Belmont, NC in 2022, and have been building both the plant and the organization since then.  The new manufacturing plant and office are advancing in steps. The office moved from Belmont in March 2024, the warehouse offering local storage for our customers will be ready by Q4 2024, and the first customer deliveries manufactured in Apple Creek are planned to take place in Q1 2025.

Building the US business based on appreciation, courage, and passion

Premix is truly a family company, with over four decades of history and now being run by the second generation. The Premix USA company culture is based on these values, which are truly reflected in our daily work guiding our business and ways of working.

Family-owned Finland-based Premix Group is a market leader and a global forerunner in electrically conductive plastics. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Premix ensured the rapid growth of global PCR testing through fast production scale-up and 100% supply accuracy of electrically conductive plastic, the key raw material of robotic automation pipette tips.​

The US Department of Defense, working with the Department of Health and Human Services, awarded in May 2022 a $79.9 million contract to Premix, Inc. to establish a plastic compound manufacturing plant in North Carolina.​ The facility will primarily produce plastic materials for diagnostic testing and help secure critical diagnostic supplies in the United States, and better serve Premix’s global customers.​

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