First-class services and sustainable material innovations.

In line with our company’s purpose - creating a safe society with functional materials - we have chosen to focus on the following market segments: Healthcare, Energy, and Material and component handling. We believe we can really contribute to building a safer society in these segments.

The whole strategy is built on corporate responsibility, which we regard as the most relevant phenomenon, fundamentally changing our industry. We want to be the pioneer in leading this development. At Premix, we make materials that matter. We take daily sustainability actions that make a difference for our products, people, and society.

The other two future trends behind our strategy are real-time data and services.

Our vision is to offer first-class services and sustainable material innovations guaranteeing success for our customers and for us.

More information on Corporate Responsibility at Premix:

Strategic goals


We aim to be the best service company in our industry, enabling a smaller carbon footprint for our customers and their customers and achieving strong and sustainable growth.

Market segments

Becoming truly international

Today, the vast majority of the specialty compounds Premix produces are exported from our factory in Finland to our customers in over 40 countries. We have local teams supporting our customers in Finland, the United States, and China.

To achieve our strategic goal of being the best service company in our industry, we are opening a new, state-of-the-art plastic compound manufacturing plant in Gastonia, North Carolina, in 2025. With the new plant and local team, we will improve our global supply capability and better serve our customers with plants and services on two continents, doubling our current production capacity.

In 2025, we will have two modern plastic compound manufacturing plants designed to cater to the most demanding needs of our customers in the Healthcare, Energy, and Material and component handling market segments, as well as offer toll compounding services for high-quality requirement materials.


Premix Oy, Rajamäki, Finland​
Plastic compound manufacturing plant and headquarters, opened in 1985, expanded and modernized in 2010s

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Premix Inc., Gastonia, North Carolina​
Plastic compound manufacturing plant, under construction, opening in 2025


Appreciation for us means fairness, humanity, integrity, ethics, trust, and sustainability.
Courage is about risk-taking, trailblazing, reform, and curiosity.
Words we link to Passion are meaning, inspiration, can-do attitude, passion, cooperation, and commitment.

Let's create a safe
society together!