All our actions are in line with our company purpose: Premix creates a safe society with functional materials.

People, Solutions, and Operations

To make our sustainability work more visible and concrete, we have divided it into three main themes: People, Solutions, and Operations:

  1. People - the Premix team - are our greatest asset, and we want to ensure their safety, health, and well-being in any way we can. And not just the Premix people but our customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.
  2. Our material solutions, on the other hand, improve safety in countless ways in many industries. Through them, we affect the safety of society in general.
  3. Operations - how we work throughout the supply chain - are our way of ensuring a minimal effect on the environment. We are constantly enhancing our production processes and material effectiveness, for example, through reuse and recycling.
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People, Solution, and Operations

Ecovadis Silver Medal 2022

EcoVadis, the leading rating agency for sustainability management, has awarded Premix a Silver Medal for sustainability performance. Compared to last year, we improved or sustained our scoring in all evaluation areas, scoring better than 86% of the companies in our business area. 

The assessment considers a range of corporate responsibility issues grouped into four themes: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement. The issues covered in each assessment are based on the relevance of the 21 issues to the company context, such as industry, size, and location. 

Sustainability is an essential business driver for us at Premix. Measuring our performance gives us tools to create new future-proof business opportunities and take care of our impact on society and the nature around us. Next, we are aiming for the Gold Medal, which is awarded only to 5% of the most sustainable companies.

Environment, Labour & Human Rights, Ethics, Sustainable Producurement

Ecovadis sustainability model

Responsible Care® program & Carbon neutral chemistry 2045

We are committed to the chemical industry's global Responsible Care® sustainability program. In total, more than 60 countries around the world are participating in this. In Finland, 98 companies have committed to the program, representing some 80 % of all chemical industry production.

The chemical industry in Finland has set an ambitious goal, striving for the sector's carbon neutrality by 2045. Premix is engaged with these targets and is happy to join forces with the entire industry to reach them!

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