New ISCC Plus certified products

News from Premix | May 29, 2023

Premix has used recycled plastics in our production for a long time, but now the first time, we can offer certified sustainable products. This spring, our facilities and processes have been audited for the ISCC PLUS certificate, which makes it easier for our customers to create reliably sustainable products.

ISCC PLUS certification is a voluntary scheme that applies to the bio-economy and circular economy for various industries, including plastics. The ISCC standard was developed to demonstrate compliance with the sustainability requirements of the European Renewable Directive (EU RED).

When a company has been audited according to the ISCC PLUS standard, it can use the ISCC PLUS certificate for products that contain circulated raw materials as long as the amount of the circulated material is announced. The amount of circulated raw material is mass-balanced throughout the supply chain. This means that the calculated output of circulated components in products cannot exceed the amount of circulated raw materials input to the company.

The ISCC PLUS certification applies to 1) circulated materials, 2) bioplastics, and 3) circulated bioplastics. Our first products use circulated fossil-based raw materials, but we're also testing biobased plastic raw materials.

ISCC PLUS certificate is a crucial step towards a truly circular economy.

Ville Mylläri
Product Development Manager, Sustainability