Premix’s sustainability journey: progress and plans in the 2023 report

News from Premix | March 13, 2024

Sustainability is not only part of our strategy, it is the foundation of our strategy. We have been developing our sustainability approach for some time now, earning the Ecovadis Silver rating three times and reaching for the Gold rating this year. Now, we are publishing our first Sustainability Report.

Highlights of our Sustainability Measures:

  • Line managers have been trained as Certified Human Leaders
  • Safety and 5S philosophy guide our operations
  • CO2 emissions of Scope 1 and Scope 2 lowered to 24 tons
  • All Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions are compensated through a certified project
  • We developed an audited tool to calculate the CO2 emissions for our products
  • CO2 emissions calculated for ~100 of our products
  • Our energy consumption comes from renewable energy sources
  • Systematic product development reduces our products' CO2 emissions

Premix Sustainability Report 2023 is conducted according to the ESRS standard. It covers Environmental, Social, and Governance-related sustainability topics.

We will continue developing all related Environmental, Social, and Governance matters. In 2024, the aim is to reduce the CO2 of our products further, increase material efficiency, certify ISO14000, improve the well-being of our personnel, and strengthen our safety culture.

Hanna Ristola, CEO of Premix Group

I express my warm gratitude to our customers and personnel for all past and future joint efforts. Together we can make a difference and take actions that leave a positive mark on our planet.

Hanna Ristola
Managing Director, Premix