Premix compounding facilities soon also in the United States

News from Premix | December 7, 2023

The plant investment project moving to the equipment installation phase

Are you interested in getting Premix compounding products from North Carolina, United States? We are proceeding as planned with the greenfield compounding plant project in Apple Creek, North Carolina. The plant building and the local organization are starting to take shape, and we expect to be ready to manufacture the first compounds in the plant in Q1 2025. 

Premix already offers compounding services, where the development takes place in Finland, with manufacturing in the US (United States) as of Q1 2025. Our first focus is on electrically conductive and dissipative plastic compounds for the electronics packaging industry (ESD), including explosive and hazardous environments (ATEX in the EU). As of Q1 2025, we will also provide local US storage for compounds produced in Finland. 

For the diagnostics and healthcare industry, the manufacturing plant will be ready to manufacture compounds in Q3 2025, the latest.

Benefits of the local supply

  • Faster technology roll-out based on European experience.  
  • Resilient supply chains, high product quality, consistency​ 
  • Better global supply capability with short lead times and high supply reliability 
  • Solid local service to our customers in the US market.​ Location in North Carolina has excellent logistical connections for faster delivery times. 

Premix is becoming truly international

Today, we export from Finland to customers in over 40 countries. We have local teams supporting customers in Finland, the US, and China. Starting from 2025, we will have modern plastic compound manufacturing plants on two continents. This will double our production capacity and allow us a faster supply on the American continent.