Premix exhibiting at MD&M West 2024 | The highlights

News from Premix | January 19, 2024

Our MD&M West 2024 highlights

Premix will participate in the MD&M West 2024 in Anaheim, CA, U.S., from February 6 to 8. You will find us at booth 641 at Anaheim Convention Centre.

Premix is a producer of electrically conductive plastics. In healthcare, our innovative plastics are used in diverse application fields, such as signaling and sensors, robotic tips for diagnostics and life science applications, and other technically stringent molded parts. These conductive plastic materials also control static electricity in hospital environments.

Sustainability is not only part of our strategy. It is the foundation of our strategy. We diligently assess the carbon footprint of our products with audited processes and offer a variety of solutions to reduce environmental impacts, e.g., ISCC+ certified raw materials, recycled polymers (PCR, PIR), and biobased fillers.

Material solutions for the diagnostics industry

Our electrically conductive plastic compounds have long been recognized as industry benchmarks in pipette tips, gaining prominence in automated liquid handling since the 1990s. Collaborating with our extensive global network of industry leaders, we continuously pioneer new material solutions for challenging applications within the medical sector.

With a legacy spanning four decades, and in the future, Premix aspires to be the premier compounding partner for cutting-edge material solutions, addressing the most intricate plastic material requirements. Renowned as a trusted partner, we bring profound expertise in meeting high material standards and excelling in stringent specifications.

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Production and services on two continents

Premix is expanding its operations to the United States with a new manufacturing plant at Apple Creek Corporate Center in Gastonia, North Carolina. This expansion will double the production capacity and enhance our global supply capability, allowing us better to serve our customers in the North American Market. The new plant will be operational by Q2 / 2025, focusing on manufacturing electrically conductive and dissipative plastic compounds.

As our customer in America, you will benefit from our commitment to incorporating over 40 years of technology from Finland into our new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This will ensure consistent quality and reliability of our materials, guaranteeing that they work as formulated 100% of the time. Our North American customers will also enjoy local production and services, leading to shorter lead times and higher supply reliability.

In 2024, Premix Group will begin offering services to our North American customers, including the option for local storage of compounds produced in Finland and toll compounding services. This early provision of services is a testament to our dedication to meeting the needs of our North American Customers. By 2025, the new facility will further enhance our ability to deliver high-quality materials from two continents, providing our customers with even more significant benefits.

Premix experts at your service at booth 641:

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Sales and Business Development Manager
Premix Inc.
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Wayne Comeau
Sales and Business Development Manager
Premix Inc.
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