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Specialty plastics for healthcare - Materials that matter

New healthcare technologies and products have the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry and improve the well-being of society. By providing materials, which comply with medical plastics, we at Premix enable the healthcare industry to create innovations for medical care, health monitoring, and accurate laboratory analyses. This is how we carry out our responsibility for a safe society and healthcare sector supply chains.

Premix’s electrically conductive compounds and black and white masterbatches are suitable for a broad range of applications, such as:

Our electrically conductive pipette tip materials enable accurate liquid level sensing, a critical feature in automated liquid handling. Conductive polymers have also successfully replaced metals in various applications, such as in x-ray-compatible ECG electrodes. Today, we produce plastic materials for drug delivery devices, body monitoring sensors, and electrostatic control in healthcare facilities. Our white masterbatches for pharma packaging have been well-known within the pharmaceutical industry since the early 1990s.

We aim to create new sustainable ways of working with the industry’s key operators - whether it involves functional polymer-based materials with a lower carbon footprint or innovations within recycling and circularity.​

The specific areas of our expertise are processing demanding materials and functional fillers, such as carbon black, fibers, additives, and renewable materials. With our polymer modification know-how, we can create medical grades meeting the highest requirements and standards.

In addition to the global healthcare supply chain, we create plastic materials also for various other industries, e.g., the energy sector and material handling.


Controlling static electricity in laboratory automation and liquid handling systems

Static electricity may cause problems in liquid handling instruments, e.g., attract dust, break delicate instruments, or charge the consumables and make them fly around or stick to each other.

The problems and risks caused by static electricity can be eliminated by replacing insulative plastic materials with non-charging, electrically conductive plastics.

Premix’s material portfolio covers, e.g., materials for pipette tips and pipette tip racks.



Depending on your needs, we offer a wide assortment of services related to polymer compounding and laboratory services. We create functional materials from a specific brief or only a rough idea, a comparison of several formulations, trial tests for the formulation, or we enable you the full-scale production capabilities.

  • Consultation and product development
  • Trial and scale-up production
  • Lab services
  • Toll-compounding

The toll-compounding services are available globally. We do the toll-compounding only at our plant in Southern Finland, but in early 2025 also do it at our new plant in North Carolina, U.S.

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