Working at Premix

We believe a successful company is made of people who feel good about the work they do

Who are we?

At Premix, we ride the waves of tech innovations and are involved in game-changers that make the world a safer and better place to live in. Here the wheel never stops spinning. We keep looking for new challenges and grab the opportunities. One of our slogans is "Let's make a good mix". That doesn't refer only to materials but to people, too. We don’t just mix plastics – we mix people as well. We value diversity and believe that diverse teams lead to broad-minded thinking and better results. This is how we make materials that matter.

We believe a successful company is made of people who feel good about the work they do.  At Premix, we are dynamic, passionate and full of laughter and appreciation towards one another. In a family-owned company decision making is agile and everyone has a possibility to influence.


What's it like working at Premix?

Check out the videos to see what an ordinary day at Premix might look like!

We are Premix! | A dedicated team of experts



An ordinary day at Premix might include anything from visiting the customer, having a meeting with the team or finding the right material solutions to customer challenges! For us, co-operation and co-creation is important. Here, everyone has a possibility to influence.

My Job at Premix Group | HR Director Mari Lippojoki


Mari Lippojoki

HR Director

My main task is to support Premix’s success story through people – by helping our personnel to grow, succeed and feel good at Premix. At this, I utilize my long HR experience from large international companies and make sure our defined HR processes are followed. Hopefully this will show not only internally but also to our customers as a great quality and service!

My Job at Premix Group | Sales Manager Kosti Rämö


Kosti Rämö

Sales Manager

My passion has always been to solve problems and help people with their technical challenges. After working some years in the Premix R&D team, I now spend my time even more at the customers’ side, biting into interesting technical business cases. So let me hear your challenge and I am sure we can solve it together!

My Job at Premix Group | Product Manager Heidi Uusitalo 


Heidi Uusitalo

Product Manager

I create electrically conductive plastic compounds based on customer needs.  I believe in co-operation – when our team operates together with the customer’s team, we ensure the best possible outcome. It’s a great feeling when all the pieces fit together, and we find the perfect mix.

How do we work?

The Premix Headquarters is located in Rajamäki, Finland. Here we work in a recently renovated, bright flex-office. We also frequently work from home offices. Many of us travel the world to meet our customers, partners, or colleagues in Germany and China. You can meet our people almost anywhere in the world. Our distributor network currently covers more than 30 countries. Wherever we are, we are able to connect with colleagues with digital tools.  Virtual meetings and online group work are part of our everyday work.


What do we
believe in?

Our company culture is based on our values: customer promise, appreciation, passion, and growth. We are dedicated to strong growth, but growth doesn’t refer only to the success of the company. We think it’s also important to allow our employees to grow –  both personally and professionally. We believe that every employee has more potential than one realizes. Our mission is that our employees have a chance to feel joyful and celebrate achievements after a successful workday

We believe this is possible when:

  • Our employees feel valued and understand their role and importance to our company.
  • We have permission to challenge and question.
  • We are accountable.
  • We maintain a low hierarchy and open communication.
  • We show mutual respect to each other.
  • There is no fear of making mistakes.


From all our values, I think passion is the one that really shows in here. It's inspiring to see that people feel so passionate about the work they do.

- Henrik Yli-Seppälä, Business Development Manager

The Premix Feeling

We show appreciation towards our colleagues daily and actively give ​​​​​each other feedback that drives us forward. In addition to daily feedback, our employees have regular one-to-one discussions,

Even if employees are accountable for their own wellbeing, in the end, we evaluate the level of employees’ wellbeing regularly. In case of problems or concerns, we have a common policy and process how to act in those situations and where to get help - as early as possible. We also carry out a regular wellbeing survey. According to that, our personnel is most satisfied with the co-operation with their colleagues and supervisors and with the good atmosphere at Premix. On top of this, we do other personnel surveys to collect opinions and ideas from personnel,  giving them a chance to influence.

We treat our employees equally fairly regardless of race, religion, ethics, age, disability, gender, marital status, pregnancy, parenting, sexual orientation, trade union membership, or political opinion. We have zero-tolerance for discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment, and intoxicants. Our people-related processes are transparent and visible to whole personnel.

In all this, supervisors have a big role. Their leadership skills are supported and developed continuously. They have a big role also when ensuring all employees act ethically, according to our Code of Conduct.

Responsibility of good tomorrow

We are a member company of the Chemical Industry in Finland and also partnering in the joint project called Good morning - Good tomorrow.  The aim of the project is to promote well-being, develop skills, extend working lives, reduce morbidity, and increase productivity through good management, effective working community, knowledge and motivation, and enthusiasm for the work. The joint project is part of Responsible Care -program.


Want to know more about sustainability at Premix?

Our sustainability work covers People, Operations, and Solutions. We want to take actions that make a difference, both for products, people, and society.

Want to join us?

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