PRE-ELEC® electrically conductive plastics for safety edges

Safety edges are sensors that protect people from closing doors and hatches. The safety edge with a sensor will detect if, for example, a car gets in a way of a closing garage door. It then will signal the motor to stop closing the door.

Example: A garage door


A safety edge made of PRE-ELEC® electrically conductive plastics makes it safe to close a garage door. When the door touches something solid, such as a car or a person, the profile bends temporarily. The bending acts as contact detection and sends a signal to the door mechanism to stop its movement. Unless such safety measures are included in systems operating with powerful motors, a serious level of danger is present.

Operating principle

The safety edge operation principle is demonstrated. The pressure-activated contact sends an electric current between the + and – terminals, which can be used as an input for electronics, i.e., current implies a contact, and lack of current implies the safety edge is not in contact with anything.

safety edge, part 1
safety edge, part 2

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