The lightweight PRE-ELEC® is an excellent choice for EMI shielding

Very good shielding effectiveness and uniform conductivity even in thin and complex shapes

Solving EMI shielding challenges with thermoplastics

Protecting sensitive electronic components from electromagnetic interference (EMI) requires solid EMI shielding. EMI or EMC prevention has traditionally been pursued with metals such as copper or zink, but novel material solutions include also EMI shields made form conductive plastics. Unlike metals, conductive polymers are lightweight and enable corrosion resistance.

How do we implement the EMI shielding in PRE-ELEC® components, then? The secret is in the isotropic conductivity: you must have an even dispersion of particles to have an evenly conductive component. This is something we know best!

We have identified many potential usage scenarios within the aviation industry, the automotive sector, and many more.

What would EMI shielding enable in your industry? Read further to discover more details or contact us and let’s develop your idea further!

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PRE-ELEC®EMI grades offer a very high shielding effectiveness (SE) for an affordable price.

Why use PRE-ELEC®in EMI shielding?

Premix was one of the first companies entering the market of electrically conductive plastics. Today, we are the world’s leading specialist in that area. Our experts in R&D have extensive experience in polymer modification and finding solutions to customers' challenges with functional plastics. Our materials have often been credited for their homogeneity and high quality. 

PRE-ELEC® has excellent benefits for EMI shielding. First of all, compared to metals the material is lightweight. Secondly, it has excellent mechanical properties, including very good shielding effectiveness (SE) and uniform conductivity even in thin and complex shapes. Compared to other plastics, PRE-ELEC® has an excellent ration between SE and material price. As with any plastics, it is easy to process by injection molding.

Benefits of PRE-ELEC® in EMI Shielding

Reduce costs with PRE-ELEC®  - An excellent ratio between shielding effectiveness and material price!


  • Lightweight
  • Very good shielding effectiveness (SE)
  • Uniform conductivity even in thin and complex shapes
  • High mechanical and physical performance
  • Easy to process by injection molding

A wide variety of grades

  • Both hard and flexible grades
  • Based on a variety of different polymers (E.g. PP, PBT, ABS)
  • Grades with V-0 flammability and operating temperature up to 210 °C

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