Electrically conductive and static dissipative compounds

We introduced the first conductive compound in 1983 among the first companies in the world. Today PRE-ELEC® product family has emerged to cover the conductive and static dissipative areas of the resistance spectrum and a wide variety of base polymers.

PRE-ELEC® Electrically conductive and static dissipative carbon black compounds

Carbon black has established its position as the most widely used electrically conductive filler. Carbon black offers a superior price-performance ratio and stable properties over time. Typically carbon black compounds’ surface resistance range settles between 102 Ω (100 ohms) and 105 Ω (100 kiloohms). Due to the nature of carbon black, reaching a dissipative surface resistance levels above 105 Ω is a challenging task. Premix has successfully overcome this challenge with special resistance control technology and offers static dissipative PRE-ELEC® compounds between 105 Ω and 108 Ω.

Boost your business with electrically conductive concentrates

Carbon black concentrates are an excellent way to reduce raw material costs. In PRE-ELEC® concentrates, the carbon black content has been optimized to the highest possible level. When striving for maximum cost efficiency, recycled plastics or regrind from your own process can be used to dilute the concentrate. One small yet innovative step can lead to significant cost savings.

Besides the economic advantages, concentrates also allow the modification of product properties. To impart stiffness and strength to the finished product, the reinforced plastic can be used for dilution. One may also modify the flame retardant properties by including a flame retardant masterbatch in the process.


Premix’s comprehensive product portfolio covers the plastics resistance spectrum from conductive up to static dissipative area.

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PRE-ELEC® ESD Inherently dissipative polymer compounds

Inherently dissipative polymers (IDP) are intended for applications where translucency, cleanliness, and non-sloughing properties are essential. Unlike the traditional migrating antistatic PRE-ELEC® ESD compounds and masterbatches, they deliver permanent surface resistance levels from 108 Ω and 1012 Ω, and their functionality does not depend on the humidity levels.

Fiber compounds for high stiffness and non-marking products

When the application requires high rigidity and/or non-marking material, carbon fiber will do the job. The glass-fiber-carbon black combination is also a cost-effective way to improve the stiffness of the product.


Where can you use PRE-ELEC® materials - see examples from diagnostics to electronics packaging and much more!

May we introduce you Mr. Premix and Mr. Statix?

Watch the whole story of Mr. Premix and Mr. Statix from Premix Youtube Channel!


Mr. Statix is made out of normal plastic and experiences, therefore, uncomfortable electric shocks in his everyday life.

Mr. Premix, on the other hand, is made out of electrically conductive plastic. Electrons move freely through him, saving him from painful electric shocks.


When a normal plastic material is in contact with another object, the contact electrification leads to the separation of charges. This electric potential difference is what we call static electricity.

The electric charges discharge in an uncontrolled manner when a charged object is in contact with a highly conductive material like Mr. Statix’s metallic car frame.


Electrostatic discharges can cause serious complications and dangerous situations for people, facilities, processes, and products.

With Premix’s electrically conductive and static dissipative plastics we can eliminate the problems caused by electrostatic discharge making the world a more comfortable and safer place for all of us.

Creating a safe and ultra-connected society with functional plastics

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of electrically conductive PRE-ELEC® compounds and concentrates and static dissipative PRE-ELEC® ESD compounds. There are many creative ways to utilize conductive plastics like metal replacement, energy storage, level detection, heating elements, air-purification, or preventing electrostatic attraction (ESA).

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