PRE-ELEC® Electrically Conductive Compounds

Materials that matter

We introduced our first conductive compound in 1983 among the first companies in the world. Today PRE-ELEC® product family covers wide areas of the conductivity spectrum and a large selection of base polymers.

Carbon black has established its position as the most widely used electrically conductive filler. Carbon black offers a superior price-performance ratio and stable properties over time. Typically carbon black compounds’ surface resistance range settles between 102 Ω (100 ohms) and 105 Ω (100.000 kiloohms).

PRE-ELEC graafi

Premix’s comprehensive product portfolio covers the plastics resistance spectrum on the conductive areas.

Boost your business with electrically conductive concentrates

Carbon black concentrates are an excellent way to reduce raw material costs. In PRE-ELEC® concentrates, the carbon black content has been optimized to the highest possible level. When striving for maximum cost efficiency, recycled plastics or regrind from your own process can be used to dilute the concentrate. One small yet innovative step can lead to significant cost savings.

Besides the economic advantages, concentrates also allow the modification of product properties. To impart stiffness and strength to the finished product, the reinforced plastic can be used for dilution.

Let Mr. Premix and Mr. Statix explain to you how conductive plastics can protect from electric shocks.

Cable Applications

Our semiconductive compounds suitable for underground and overheadline cabling protect the insulation from premature breaks caused by high electric stresses.


Flexible Tube, Hose, and Profile Applications

Our conductive thermoplastic elastomers can be used to eliminate static charging and reduce the risks of explosions in hazardous environments and damaging expensive equipment.


FIBC Applications

Conductive FIBCs, or FIBC type C bags, are made from non-conductive fabrics interwoven with conducting threads. They can be used to transport flammable powders and in spaces where flammable vapors, gases, or combustible dusts are present. The conductive inner lining increases the safety of these products.

Film applications

Our PRE-ELEC® film compounds have high and durable conductivity and excellent dispersion. We have ensured they are compatible with ATEX regulations and are easy to process. They are also recyclable and resist wear and tear very well.

Fiber Applications

Tightening safety regulations and sensitive equipment increase the need for ESD-protected textiles and carpets to prevent uncontrolled static discharges. This product, created with new technological and material solutions, will replace metal-coated fiber and pure carbon fiber solutions.

Sheet Applications

The high material requirements of the transport and packaging industry inspire us to continuously develop new sustainable and functional materials to meet the needs of our customers.


Creating a safe and ultra-connected society with functional plastics

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of electrically conductive PRE-ELEC® compounds and concentrates. There are many creative ways to utilize conductive plastics like metal replacement, energy storage, level detection, heating elements, air-purification, or preventing electrostatic attraction (ESA).

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