CPLF 2024 | Suzhou, China

CPLF 2024 - The 11th Packaging and Storage Forum and the 5th Agrochemical Packaging Technology Forum will be held in Suzhou in October. The conference will gather nearly a thousand professionals from chemical, agrochemical and food raw material purchasers, various packaging container manufacturers, packaging production equipment companies, filling and auxiliary packaging equipment, logistics companies, raw material additives companies, etc.

With the continuous advancement of industrial technology, the packaging industry has also ushered in new changes. In this exhibition, we focus on the application of anti-static industrial packaging and show you anti-static solutions for flexible packaging and explosion-proof plastic barrels .

Improving the safety of products and society.  We offer a broad portfolio of conductive PRE-ELEC® compounds and concentrates for ESD protection , cable and EMI shielding applications, packaging, storage and logistics applications, EPA area equipment, automotive signal cables, sensor and detection applications and explosive atmospheres (ATEX ) .

Our sales representative Tim Zhang will attend the forum, please contact him to schedule a meeting!

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Tim Zhang

Business Development Manager
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CPLF 2024 | Suzhou, China
October 19-20, 2024

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