EOS/ESD Symposium & Exhibit | Reno, USA

The EOS/ESD Symposium is where industry professionals can find solutions to challenges, learn from industry best practices, and see technology advances through networking, new technology displays, and products. The Symposium focuses on understanding and solving electrostatic discharge and electrical transients/overstress issues in consumer and industrial applications, including electronic components and systems.

With our plastics, we solve issues created by static electricity. We are a global pioneer in electrically conductive compounds, and for decades, we have been active in ESD standardization and research. We now bring our expertise to Reno! This is one of the top places to meet our team!

Welcome to our booth 115, -let's take a deep dive into the topic together and share views and the latest news!

paper M1.2:
Qualification Challenges of Conductive and Dissipative Plastics

Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about the groundbreaking findings from the electrical resistance measurements of conductive and dissipative plastics with different test methods and electrodes.

September 14th, 3:35 - 4:00 PM
Presented by: Toni Viheriäkoski, Cascade Metrology Oy

Premix experts at the event:


Eira Kärjä
Business Director
Premix Oy
+358 50 351 3193
[email protected]


Wayne Comeau
Sales & Business Development Manager
Premix USA
+1 770 480 1101
[email protected]

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Event Details:​

September 14-18, 2024

Peppermill Resort Spa Casino Reno
2707 South Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89502



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