New PP-based PRE-ELEC® materials

PREMIX NEWS | News from Premix | October 11, 2022

Our new materials PP 19161 (conductive compound), PP 19136 (dissipative compound), and PP 19279 (concentrate) are polypropylene-based thermoplastics.

PP 19161 and PP 19136 can be used in crates and technical parts. PP 19279 can be used for corrugated boards, sheets, and profile applications.

PP 19279 contains a high load of carbon black, and it can be diluted with virgin or recycled polypropylene. The actual amount should always be tested as it also depends on the processing conditions.

Comparison table of the new materials:

Product Compound / concentrate Volume resistivity Surface resistance Processing method
PP 19161 Compound 90 Ωcm 4•103 Ω Injection molding
PP 19136 Compound > 5000 Ωcm 7•106 Ω Injection molding
PP 19279* Concentrate 11 Ωcm 5•102 Ω Extrusion

* The values for PP 19279 are measured from 30% dilution

More technical data can be found in the Technical Data Sheets in Data Center (Polypropylene selection).

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