Premix brings a unique purging compound to the market—the new PRE-PRG™, based on natural fiber, allows machine lines to be cleaned more ecologically

News from Premix | September 23, 2022

Based on the gentle, non-abrasive cleaning achieved with natural fibers, the PRE-PRG™ purging compound reduces downtime significantly. It provides a faster, more machine-friendly and ecological way of cleaning powder coating machinery, for example.

This one-of-a-kind, efficient purging compound is based on natural fibers, and primarily composed of renewable and recycled raw materials. The compound does not contain any abrasive raw materials, such as glass fiber, or chemical cleaning additives.

The PRE-PRG™ purging compound’s material needs are markedly lower than those of virgin plastics, including HDPE. In addition to the processing equipment of the most common thermoplastic resins, it is suitable for cleaning powder coating lines. Originally, it was developed for cleaning the most demanding carbon black and graphite compounds and powder coating machinery.

In addition to its other advantages, the compound has been found to reduce machines’ downtime significantly, given that it provides a faster way of cleaning powder coating machinery than other contemporary solutions. Thanks to its efficacy, the PRE-PRG™ purging compound saves time, money and the environment. It also improves the quality of products after changes in color and grade, for example.

Impressive results from first time of use

Teknos, a pioneer in the paint industry, which operates next door to Premix in Finland, was the first company to try out Premix’ innovative product in its powder coat production and found the purging results impressive. ”The new purging compound has speeded up the purging of our equipment and improved the quality of purging. The new natural fiber-based compound can be used in smaller quantities, and the new product has also allowed us to reduce the amount of waste,” says Vesa Viljamaa, Production Manager for Teknos Oy’s powder coat production in Rajamäki.

An expert in polymer modification, Premix actively develops and tests sustainable, alternative raw material solutions based on recycled materials. In fact, this was exactly the idea behind the evolving of the PRE-PRG™ purging compound based on natural fibers and recycled materials. As the developer of functional products, Teknos, too, invests in the utilization of bio-based and renewable raw materials by looking for alternative raw materials together with responsible raw material suppliers and by testing and investigating new opportunities.



The ecological and gentle purging compound.