Resin as a new innovation for the textile industry

News from Premix | December 5, 2022

The new Finnish innovation, PREXELENT® resin polyamide, brings the benefits of resin to the textile industry. The Resin line of socks developed by Sukkamestarit Oy from Ylöjärvi, Finland, combines resin polyamide and NATIVA® merino wool into a wellbeing sock designed to cater to the increasing demand for modern functional products in Finland and Europe.

Skin-friendly product from the forests of Finland

The health benefits of resin have been studied for decades, and resin has become a commonly used folk remedy for all sorts of skin problems. Operating in Nurmijärvi, Finland, Premix Oy develops and manufactures functional materials for a variety of uses. PREXELENT® technology makes it possible to incorporate antimicrobial properties into plastic materials, including fibers.

“The resin is inside the plastic, which in this case is a polyamide yarn. Thanks to the PREXELENT® technology, the resin rises to the surface of the material in a controlled manner. Simple air humidity is enough to bring it to the surface, for example. Once the resin on the surface is removed from the surface after touching or washing it, new resin rises in its place,” explains Jyrki Taiminen, Business Director at Premix Oy.

“The fact that resin has been used to treat ulcers on diabetics and in the treatment of dry heels sparked our interest already in the early stages, and we wondered if we could make our technology available for the textile industry to use. Product development has been carried out in cooperation with a yarn manufacturer from Slovenia, and we are extremely happy with the end result,” says Taiminen.

“The product development of the resin yarn came at the right time for us, as we had been conscious of the increasing interest and demand for functional wellbeing products. We had been developing products in the wellbeing category also in our own product development. The resin polyamide yarn presented a wonderful new approach on this front. In addition to its functional properties, the resin yarn was appealing from the perspectives of the circular economy, ethics, and ecology, which are important values for Sukkamestarit. The fact that the resin is a sidestream product from the Finnish forest industry is something that inspires both us and our European customers,” says Jussi Koskinen, CEO at Sukkamestarit.

Breaking into the European market with sustainable merino wool socks

In the textile industry, sustainable development and the circular economy play a larger role than before, as improved consumer awareness results in more attention being paid to factors that produce a load on nature in the production of materials. The change in consumption behavior has also been seen at Sukkamestarit, as consumer choices are increasingly guided by sustainability: “In the development of functional wellbeing socks, it was clear that the resin polyamide yarn would be combined with NATIVA merino wool. NATIVA® merino wool is a certified wool that is traceable all the way to the farm and produced in a transparent production chain. The merino wool used by Sukkamestarit comes from the La Madgalena farm in Saltos, Uruguay,” says Koskinen.

Koskinen from Sukkamestarit has noticed the changes in the market and the fact that transparency is needed in the industry: “Combining resin polyamide yarn and NATIVA® wool is also a value choice. We want to meet the modern consumers’ expectations on transparent production methods that also respect nature. In these materials, the transparency aspect is completely fulfilled.”

At present, Sukkamestarit has exclusive rights to use resin polyamide yarn in Europe. The production of resin socks is going ahead at full steam. The products will be exported all over Europe. The versatile utilization of forests in different products is something that European consumers gravitate towards.

The net sales of Sukkamestarit have been strong in recent years, and they are on an upward trajectory. In 2021, the net sales growth was 40%, and the growth is continuing at 10% in 2022. In 2022, the share of exports will be approximately 20% of the net sales. Koskinen believes that people trust Finnish quality internationally: “Our goal of transitioning from a manufacturer of basic socks to an expert in specialized socks is continuing to materialize, and we are happy to see that the reception for our products has been extremely positive both in Finland and Europe,” says Koskinen.

Company information:

Sukkamestarit Oy
One of the leading sock manufacturers in Finland:

  • Net sales of EUR 4.6 million
  • Factory and main offices in Ylöjärvi
  • 40 employees
  • Family-owned business, established in 1996
  • Share of export 20%
  • Distribution network that covers nearly 20 countries

Premix Oy
Leading  manufacturer of functional plastic-material solutions in Europe.

  • 2021 net sales of EUR 65 million
  • Factory and main offices in Rajamäki
  • 110 employees
  • Family-owned business, established in 1980
  • Share of export more than 95%
  • Distribution network that covers over 30 countries

Contact information:

Sukkamestarit Oy
Jussi Koskinen, CEO
tel. +358 50 582 7230
e-mail: [email protected]

Premix Oy
Jyrki Taiminen, Business Director
tel. +358 40 555 8182
e-mail: [email protected]


The PIHKA socks are a combination of Nativa Merino wool and PREXELENT® polyamide yarns.

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Together with our customers, we have developed a polyamide yarn suitable for textile applications. PREXELENT® technology makes the yarn active by releasing resin onto its surface in a controlled manner.