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Premix – Winner in the EY Entrepreneur of The Year competition

November 10, 2022

The annual competition organized by EY rewards entrepreneurs who inspire others with their vision, leadership, and achievements.

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Premix is a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of The Year Finland competition!

October 12, 2022

The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year competition is the most prestigious entrepreneur competition in the world, organized by Ernst & Young.

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New PP-based PRE-ELEC® materials

October 11, 2022

Our new materials PP 19161 (conductive compound), PP 19136 (dissipative compound), and PP 19279 (concentrate) are polypropylene-based thermoplastics.

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Premix brings a unique purging compound to the market—the new PRE-PRG™, based on natural fiber, allows machine lines to be cleaned more ecologically

September 23, 2022

This one-of-a-kind, efficient purging compound is based on natural fibers, and primarily composed of renewable and recycled raw materials.

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Premix signs $79.9 million contract for a new production facility in the U.S.

May 9, 2022

The U.S. Department of Defense, working with the Department of Health and Human Services, awarded a $79.9 million contract to Premix, Inc. to establish a plastic compound manufacturing plant in North Carolina.

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