Electrically Conductive Plastics for Better Health and Wellbeing

Enhancing the safety in healthcare facilities,
improving the wellbeing of people.

We take your health and wellbeing seriously

There is no room for mistakes in health- and wellbeing related operations.  Electrically conductive and static dissipative PRE-ELEC® compounds enable automated liquid level detection, signal transmission and safe hospital environment and will perform correctly, every time.

For in vitro diagnostics we offer a dedicated portfolio of PRE-ELEC® compounds to be used in  pipette tips (compliant with USP plastic class VI which is one of six designations for plastics from General Chapter of the United States Pharmacopeia and National Formulary) and racks.

For body monitoring applications we offer highly conductive PRE-ELEC® compounds that can be used for example in ECG electrodes, heart-rate sensors, wearable electronics and  smart clothing.

For static control in healthcare facilites we offer PRE-ELEC® compounds to be used in transmission hoses for medical gases,  conductive fibers and  groundable, non-charging plastic components.


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Mastering static electricity in hospital environments with electrically conductive plastics

The electric charges discharge in an uncontrolled manner when a charged object is in contact with a highly conductive material. In addition to what we know as an unpleasant electrostatic shock, in many industries electrostatic discharges can cause complications and dangerous situations. By ensuring that a plastic material is electrically conductive, we can eliminate the problems caused by electrostatic discharge and make the world a more comfortable and safer place for all of us. 

Static electricity has been a hot topic in the hospital environment since 1980’s. We visited a pioneering hospital that goes beyond the demands of the ESD standard to guarantee the patient safety, the wellbeing of the personnel and a long life cycle for the medical devices. At Premix, we can improve the safety in the hospital environment by providing for example ESD control wheels for hospital beds.

Solutions for better health and wellbeing

At Premix, we do everything we can to improve the safety of our society – both for people and the environment. Our electrically conductive plastic materials are key factors in improving the safety in the industry. 

Easy processing with minimun process downtime

Homogenous, high purity PRE-ELEC® PP material and consistent batch to batch quality guarantee easy processing with no process downtime.

Thermoplastic as metal replacement

PRE-ELEC® PP has replaced metals as a conductor in disposable ECG electrodes. Thermoplastic material enables simple and fast mass production with lower raw material price.

TPU for wearable electronics

PRE-ELEC® TPU combines low resistivity with easy processability and stable properties. Due to its excellent chemical resistance TPU is a right material choice for wearable electronics.

We introduced the first conductive compound in 1983 among the first companies in the world. Today PRE-ELEC® product family has emerged to cover the conductive and static dissipative areas of the resistance spectrum and a wide variety of base polymers.

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