Family-owned Premix donates 40,000 EUR to ensure sports hobbies for children in low-income families

News from Premix | December 18, 2020

At Premix, we are celebrating our 40 years in business this year, and we wanted to support our local community by making a truly meaningful donation.

A moment to celebrate the donation on Rajamäki turf field 16th December 2020. People from left Mia Puhakainen (Premix Oy), Hanna Ristola (Premix Oy), Henna Hassinen (Rajamäen Kehitys ry), Minna Välimäki (Rajamäen Kehitys ry) and Annika Eskelinen (Rajamäen Kehitys ry).

The past year has not treated people equally. Many families have suffered financially from the pandemic restrictions. When money is tight, it’s not always possible to pay even for children’s hobbies. Missing a hobby can have long-term effects on children’s health and social wellbeing.  

Premix CEO Hanna Ristola wanted to use the donation to support sports hobbies for children and youth at Rajamäki: “I want to help children continue their hobbies together with their friends, even if there are financial challenges in the family. My dream is that we can prevent marginalization and promote health and wellbeing. We chose Rajamäen Kehitys ry (RaKe) as the receiver of our donation. It seems we made the right choice. As soon as they understood this is true, they have worked hard to create a support fund.” 

The support fund will help RaKe give low-income families grants to pay for their children’s sports hobbies and equipment. “This is a great gesture from a local company. I appreciate that they want to support children and youth locally during these exceptional times. I’m sure we will get many more participants to our groups who couldn’t otherwise afford a sports hobby. And when the hobbies are close and in a familiar environment, it’s easy to get there,” says the club’s Treasurer Minna Välimäki 

RaKe is a club that provides children, youth, and adults with many sports hobbies, such as cross-country skiing, football, mountain biking, etc. Club’s chairwoman Henna Hassinen is excited about the donation: “The first feeling was I couldn’t believe my ears. It’s not easy to get financial support and sponsors for a voluntarily run multi-sports club. The whole year I have felt it in my heart when I have seen how many families need to stretch their finances in this challenging situation. This donation surely will help many families.”  

Part of the donation money goes directly to the mountain biking group. The club will purchase bikes to borrow for those interested in the hobby but don’t have their own bike. Annika Eskelinen, responsible for the biking group, is delighted on the news: “This was a true news bomb for us. We have applied for different support packages earlier, with no success, which has been quite disappointing. With this donation, we now have an opportunity as a club to invest in mountain bikes and helmets and provide people with opportunities to try the sport without their own investments. Mountain biking is such a great whole family sport!”  


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Hanna Ristola, CEO, Premix Oy
Tel: 050 545 9787
Email: [email protected]

Henna Hassinen, Chairwoman, Rajamäen Kehitys ry
Tel: 044 563 9482
Email: [email protected]

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