PRE-ELEC® PP 18873 — NEW injection molding compound for housings and enclosures

News from Premix | March 21, 2022

PRE-ELEC® PP 18873 is a conductive compound for the injection molding process for products like housings, enclosures, and cases. It is specially tailored for equipment and electrical apparatus used in ATEX classified rooms and spaces, where the prevention of static discharges is a must.

PRE-ELEC® PP 18873 has the UL94 flammability rating of V-0. It is easy to injection mold, black in color, and gives a nice smooth surface and visual appearance. The product is designed using the latest developments as a polymer raw material base and is an excellent cost-competitive option for the above application.

An example of a product use case is an industrial vacuum cleaner used in the Ex environment, i.e., where explosive dust or gases are present. You can download the picture for your marketing purposes.

Man Vacuuming a Construction Site. Closeup of a cleaner in special clothes and rubber gloves holds a brush from an industrial professionally vacuum cleaner; Shutterstock ID 1077863696; purchase_order: PRE-ELEC PP 18873; job: ; client: ; other:

The product can be used e.g. in industrial vacuum cleaners.