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Technical and material safety data on our products, REACH documentation, ROCHS documentation, ISCC and ISO9001 certificates, and product comparison data.


PRE-ELEC® materials — extrusion process

PRE-ELEC® materials — injection molding process

PRE-ELEC® materials — blow molding process


Machinery purging materials


PRE-ELEC® materials — by plastic type

PRE-ELEC® materials — available as concentrates


PRE-ELEC® Grade Selection List

Download the whole comparison table of our grades, and choose the best suitable one for your use.

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PRE-ELEC® US Standard Grade Selection

Products made for the US


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Other guidance

Processing instructions: Guidelines for extrusion and injection molding carbon black filled electrically conductive compounds and concentrates.

Video tutorial: A tutorial on surface resistance and volume resistivity. The video is presented by Anssi Aarnio, Senior Product Manager at Premix.

Premix blog: Explore Premix Group blog — updated by our functional material experts. Find out what’s up in the world of electrically conductive plastics and other functional materials. Join the discussion by leaving comments.

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